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Can You Develop Asthma Later in Life?

Asthma always starts in childhood, right? Not true. Millions of people in the United States struggle with asthma, and many don’t experience their first symptoms until adulthood. Learn more about adult-onset asthma and how it's treated.
Jan 13th, 2021

How Smoking Impacts Your Lungs

Smoking is bad for just about every organ in your body, including your lungs. But what exactly does smoking do to your respiratory system? Hear from an expert who has spent his medical career caring for individuals with lung ailments.
Dec 15th, 2020

Are You at Risk for Lung Cancer?

Improvements in cancer care continue to increase your odds of beating lung cancer, and the earlier you seek, the more optimistic your outcome. Learn more about your risk of developing this challenging but increasingly treatable disease.
Nov 10th, 2020

COVID-19: How We Can Help

If you have asthma, COPD, or other respiratory issues, COVID-19 puts you at extra risk. Read on to learn how medical attention can help manage your risk and ease your concerns regarding COVID-19.
Oct 14th, 2020

Dyspnea: What Is It and How Is It Diagnosed?

Shortness of breath, known medically as dyspnea, is a frightening but common experience for many Americans. Read about the causes of dyspnea and how a specialist diagnoses and treats the issues affecting your ability to breathe.
Sep 21st, 2020

What is Immunotherapy and Can It Cure My Allergies?

Immunotherapy can’t cure allergies. But it can train your immune system to ignore the dust, pollen, and other substances that are making you miserable. Read on to learn more about the benefits of immunotherapy.
Aug 6th, 2020

How to Manage Your COPD Medications

When you have COPD, the right medications can greatly improve your quality of life and slow the progression of this chronic disease. Read what a specialist has to say about effectively managing your medications and overcoming the challenges of COPD.
Jun 2nd, 2020

You Could Have Sleep Apnea and Not Know It

Do you wake up each morning exhausted, as if you had had no sleep? Or does your sleep partner constantly wake you through the night because you snore or stop breathing? You could have sleep apnea and not know it.
Mar 25th, 2020